In this Issue

A veritable cornucopia of Gloranthan Goodness. Especially Kralorelan Goodness! David Millians favors us with insights into the Kralori Army and the ArchExarchs while Keith Nellist gives his second Britannia-derived board game - The History of Kralorela. You can even download the entire game (in printer-friendly format).

Steve Lieb looks at Glorantha in the light of Worlds of Warcraft, and Gregory Molle gives us some tools to get your players in the Mythic Mindset. Roderick Robertson gives us the low-down on the Lunar inner-city Insulae, and a street gang which lurks in them. Greg Stafford allows a look at the early lives of Sedenya, and Chris Pringle gives us another Crossword - this time with a Humakt theme.

And on another note, this issue marks the first birthday of Rule One – with the publication of Issue 5 we start a new year! We've made it this far by contributions be viewers like you, and we always need articles and illustrations. See the Support Page to see how you can help out.

ArchExarchs of Kralorela David Millians

Kralori Army David Millians

History of Kralorela Boardgame Keith Nellist

World of Warcraft in Glorantha Steve Lieb

Immaculate Gardens Windswords Roderick Robertson

Insulae of the Lunar Cities Roderick Robertson

Myth Cards Grégory Molle

Lives of Sedenya Greg Stafford

Humakti Crossword Chris Pringle

Download Issue 5 (57 pages color/56 pages B&W)

Download a PDF of all the Kralorela game mods and map files (2.86Mb Zip file)

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Rule One is an independent magazine for playing games in Glorantha. it doesn't matter what ruleset, what type of game, if it's about playing, and about Glorantha, it has a home here. Adventures for Roleplaying, Scenarios for Miniatures, starting conditions for Board Games, a new Card Game, I'll publish it all.