In this Issue

We have a cornucopia of goodness this issue. You may have already noticed our stunning cover by John Hughes.

John Kennon tells us the tale of why Donkey carries the Death Rune, David Millians regales us with two more Kralorelan articles, Hervé Carteau gives us a look at the mechanics of Malkioni Wizardry, Brondon Rehm tells of the Initiation of an Orlanthi boy, I contribute a heroband for Chaos-fighting cannonfoder, and we reveal the answer to April's "Name Jotorang" contest. Finally, Chris Pringle gives us a Cryptic Crossword.

Enjoy the issue!

Why Donkey Carries the Death Rune John Kennon

Kraloreli Wooyee David Millians

The Kraloreli Sky David Millians

Western Wizardry Hervé Carteau

The Initiation of Egil Brendon Rehm

The Entropic Guard Roderick Robertson

The Jotorang Contest Greg Stafford & Roderick Robertson

Chaos Crossword Chris Pringle

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