In this Issue

First, a myth of how bees and wasps got their coloration in "Gorakiki's Fingers". Next, we look at the History of Aggar, then take a detour to the land of Gloranthan Miniatures and Hordes of the Things (HoTT). Greg Stafford graces us with the Rathori Creation myth, and then the meat of the issue: a Pelorian modification for the Britannia boardgame from Keith Nellist. Fabian Küchler gives us his thoughts on the Chaos Feature contest that was run on the Glornatha mailing lists, and we finish up with a little something from Roderick Robertson.

What is Rule One?

Rule One is an independent magazine for playing games in Glorantha. it doesn't matter what ruleset, what type of game, if it's about playing, and about Glorantha, it has a home here. Adventures for Roleplaying, Scenarios for Miniatures, starting conditions for board games, a new Card Game, I'll publish it all.

Gorakiki's Fingers John Harding

History of Aggar David Millians

HoTT Glorantha Richard Crawley

Elements of HoTT Richard Crawley

Rathori Creation Myth Greg Stafford

Britannia in Peloria Keith Nellist

Amidst the Chaos Fabian Küchler

Sweet Sisters Orphanage Roderick Robertson

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