Summer, 2012

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This issue we have the first of a three-part article from Gianni Vacca on using the Tunnels and Trolls system in Glorantha; Andrew Larson presents the Praxian oasis of Agape, and also a look at Praxian Greeting Contests; David Millians continues his survey of Kralorela with a description of the province of Boshan; Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell gives us the Order of St. Josselynne, Oliver Berneutz outlines the game of Shieldpush and gives us a set of rules for table-top play; and Roderick Robertson presents a bit of Plunder: the Godlearner Tarot. We have not one, but two downloads this time: Oliver's Shieldpush game, and Roderick's Tarot deck.

In other News, Runequest 6 has been published by The Design Mechanism. While not written as a Gloranthan ruleset, it continues the RQ tradition, and I'm sure we'll see plenty of Gloranthan Goodness from the Design Mechanism in the future.

Agape   Andrew Larsen

GodLearner Tarot   Roderick Robertson

Boshan Province   David Millians

The Order of St. Josselyne   Jamie Revell

Shieldpush   Oliver Bernuetz

The Praxian Greeting Contest   Andrew Larsen

Timinits and Trolls   Gianni Vacca

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Other Downloads:

Godlearner Tarot Deck
Shieldpush Game

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