Winter, 2012

In this Issue

Continuing his exploration of Kralorela, David Millians tells us of the Baboons of Kralorela; We present Greg Stafford's Lives of Sedenya, part 3 (the final chapter will be in Issue 12). Roderick Robertson gives us three articles on the Oslir and those that live and work on him/her; Andrew Larsen describes some of the lesser-known flora, fauna and spirits of Prax, and we have not one, but two articles on Votankiland: a clan generator from Keith Nellist, and what Oliver Bernuetz promises will be the first in a series of adventures Taming Votankiland (any contradiction between the two articles is up to you to decide!)

And new this issue: a way to search for articles; by Type, Author or Title!

Baboons of Kralorela   David Millians

The Lives of Sedenya, part 3   Greg Stafford

Life Along the Oslir   Roderick Robertson

Oslir Rivermen   Roderick Robertson

Cult of the Oslir River   Roderick Robertson

Flora, Fauna and Spirits of Prax   Andrew Larsen

Votankiland Clan Questionaire   Keith Nellist

The Glorious Sons   Oliver Bernuetz

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