A place of interest on the outskirts of Gork’s hills
Zong's Knickles are five black stoned mesas, that tower above an area of dense bracken and stunted trees, on the very western edge of Gork’s hills.

Positioned on the northern outskirts of the Elder wilds, with the legendary Griffin mountain some 50kms to the south, this area is a significant holy site for the local troll tribe, the Helwyr, which reside in the nearby hills.

Named after the knuckles of their hunting god Zong, the five stone towers stand guard above a holy ground; a place of troll ceremonies and a hidden source of lead.

Back in the mists of time, Zong’s people had been hunted by a creature of fire and light, many taloned, thrice tailed and with burning fur. This would never do, so the brave hunter stalked the creature, until eventually trapping it on the edge of the vast forests that once covered the wilds. A great battle took place, which ended with the beast killed, skinned and eaten. But not before it dealt a wound to Zong’s left hand.

Today, at the base of one of the mesas, is a deep crack, corresponding to the mythical injury inflicted on Zong. From the wound trickles a steady stream of molten lead, collected by local priests and turned into weapons, armour and bolgs, known as ‘Zongs’ in the local tongue. Coinage, that can be found as far away as the Big Rubble, where it is favoured over the local currency for its slingshot accuracy. Each come stamped with simple facial features on both sides, showing a smiling face on one, a sad face on the other. They are the coin of choice for Pavis games of ‘Two up’.

As mentioned, the area beneath the ‘Knuckles’, consists of dense, beetle filled bracken, stunted trees, gullies and paths that form a veritable maze. Within are several warm springs and pools, said to be where the blood of the fire beast fell. Home to large, lead scaled fish, the hottest pools are used to heat captured game, cooked within large cauldrons that sit in the superheated water.

Overall it is a place of shifting, moving shadows, darkness hunting spirits and rather laconic hunters, who when they do speak, are well known for their dry wit….


All varieties of beetles can be found, with swarms of wild ham beetles an easy source of food. There is also a ferocious hunting breed, used to take down larger prey in packs when hunting on the plains. Horned and often used in conjunction with pits they are a prized possession of the Uz hunters.

Wild Enlo are rife, and rarely get out of control thanks to the vigorous farming of them by the local trolls.

Spiders of all shapes and sizes crawl about the five stone towers, making their homes within the many caves and holes that dot their surface.

The knuckles jut out into the Elder wild’s vast northern plain and during the twice -yearly herd beast migrations, is positioned perfectly for Uz hunters to catch prey.Beasts are drawn to the area by the promise of shelter, food, and warmth from the hots springs. They are channelled through the natural maze of gullies into specially prepared clearings, where they are easily dispatched and butchered.

Dotted about are secluded hunters camps and ceremonial clearings, the whole area being a shrine to Zong. Draw beast spells or their equivalent will always work within its environs and troll hunters receive bonuses to any stealthy activities.

Local hunters have a shared habit of knuckle tattoos.

There are stories that Hombobobom played her drums here, to celebrate Zong’s hunting prowess. Any of her followers can replace their own Tambour spell/ability with the local equivalent known colloquially as the "Shuffle"

Notable characters

Ash for Cash, a priest of Argan Argar. He is a regular visitor to the mesas’ lead spring, having made many long and devious pacts with the local Zong shaman. He runs his mint, deeper within clan lands on the southern side of Gork’s hills and runs caravans twice a year into the troll hills and beyond.

Duster and Sand-witch. The local Helwyr shaman and his apprentice, both are followers of Zong and keepers of the truth.

Winner of last year’s great hunt after trapping a particularly nasty griffin is Silent Grog a most devious hunter and owner of a magical sling.

The Zing Zongs troll ball team.