David Millians

The Pus-Ridden Devils are the remnants of Shang Hsa May-His-Name-Be-Cursedís program for recruiting servants from outside Kralorela. Already fading rapidly by the middle of his reign, its members now cling to the vestiges of their status, hoping for their luck to turn. They know their organization as the Bureaucracy of Heroes, but commoner and magistrate alike recognize them for what they are. The former never tire of bullying and berating these pathetic souls.

Successive waves of foreigners seeking to join the imperial government have discovered this organization and its promises and then despaired at the frustrations they encounter. Aging and decrepit members then appear before the latest newcomers, hoping to aid them where others have failed and thereby gain a powerful patron within the government. They provide advice, guidance, and representation to foreigners seeking to join Kralori elite society, but they have no meaningful power or influence.

Though some might properly classify this group as a "hero band", it should be sufficient to define their minor and miserable traits below.

Entry Requirements: Ambitious, Foreign

Abilities: Doctrine of the Bureaucracy of Heroes, Membership in the Bureaucracy of Heroes, Read Kralori, Soul Vision, Spirit Face, Symbolic Sight

Virtues: a memberís Ambitious trait eventually becomes Frustrated, Pathetic, or Raving.

Talents: Avoid Punishment, Baffle Rabble, Feign Humility

Other Side: None Ė Members gain their magic during rituals held amidst the ruins of the last Middle Sea Empire consulate in Kralorela, outside Lur Nop.

Other Connections: In their dreams

Disadvantages: Members suffer constant, low-level humiliations at the hands of the Kralori.