Roderick Robertson

Lunar-Theyalan Calendar Converter

This is a little grid I whipped up for a PBeM game a few years ago. I found it useful for comparing when Holy Days fell in both the Lunar and Storm pantheons. You can also use it to run a game where Imperial Papayrus-work uses the Lunar system, but your barbarians use the Storm calendar. "When did that decree come out? Lesilday/5? That's....uh...."

I have made an Excel spreadsheet for download, as well.

Lunar Day     Veriday Lesilday Gerraday Rashoday Ulurday Nathaday Zayday
Moon Phase (Dragon Pass)   Full Half Crescent-Go Dying Black Crescent-Come Empty Half Full
  Theyalan Day   Godsday Freezeday Waterday Clayday Windsday Fireday WildDay
Lunar Week Theyalan Week Theyalan Season              
(Sacred Week 2)
Luck Sacred Time Lunar New
Year's Day
2 Disorder Sea Theyalan New Year's Day            
3 Harmony Sea              
4 Death Sea              
5 Fertility Sea              
6 Stasis Sea              
7 Movement Sea              
8 Illusion Sea              
9 Truth Sea              
10 Disorder Fire              
11 Harmony Fire              
12 Death Fire              
13 Fertility Fire              
14 Stasis Fire              
15 Movement Fire              
16 Illusion Fire              
17 Truth Fire              
18 Disorder Earth              
19 Harmony Earth              
20 Death Earth              
21 Fertility Earth              
22 Stasis Earth              
23 Movement Earth              
24 Illusion Earth              
25 Truth Earth              
26 Disorder Darkness              
27 Harmony Darkness              
28 Death Darkness              
29 Fertility Darkness              
30 Stasis Darkness              
31 Movement Darkness              
32 Illusion Darkness              
33 Truth Darkness              
34 Disorder Storm              
35 Harmony Storm              
36 Death Storm              
37 Fertility Storm              
38 Stasis Storm              
39 Movement Storm              
40 Illusion Storm              
41 Truth Storm              
(Sacred Week 1)
Fate Sacred Time