To celebrate the release of Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes, Ian Cooper, in association with Moon Design and Rule One, ran not one, but TWO contests. The prize for each contest was a copy of Sartar, Kingdom of Heroes.

Character Contest

The winner of the Character contest is Soren Peterson:


Cunning and deceitful, redheaded Porta is in it for the money. He worked as a street trader in Vanch and knows the magic of the Seven Mothers. Forced to join the Lunar army as a foot soldier, he started worshipping Rufelza. Presenting himself as a loveable rogue, he excels at scrounging, bribery and blackmailing. Porta can get you anything ‘for a price’. A superb cook and flute-player, he loves gambling and will cheat at any opportunity. He has contacts with various merchants in Dragon Pass and has saved a large sum of money. Sly and agile, he has somehow acquired a durulz sidekick.

Sartar Competiton - Characters

Feat Contest

The winner of the Feat contest is Laurent Castellucci ("LC" on the Yahoogroups):

Lhankor Mhy Names the Foe

When deep in the Underworld, searching for Lost Erissa, the Lightbringers were surrounded by creatures whom they could not identify. Orlanth could not strike them for he knew not where they were, Chalana Arroy could not heal the wounds for she knew not how they were caused, Humakt could not defeat them for he could not determine if they were dead or alive, Issaries could not bargain with them for he knew not their tongue. Lhankor Mhy listened, and looked, and smelt, and felt, and tasted them, then thought deeply and knew who they were, where they were, why the were, and what their magic was. Then they were vulnerable. (The Devotee must concentrate entirely on his foes while in their presence. Gathering all he can from all his senses he can understand their magics, their tactics, strengths and weaknesses, and explain to others how to counter them.)

Sartar Competiton - Feats