In January, 2009, Matthew Cole suggested a competition:

Hey all

I would like to propose a Chaos Features Competition.

We have, in the RQ rules, lists of chaos features found in Glorantha and these are a fine example to work to but..

I thought it might be fun and informative to follow up my '100 words for your campaign slot' with a competition to find out the _top 10 best chaos features_ everyone can think of.

Here's how it will work. Everyone can suggest up to 3 non-list features (we can reduce that if necessary) and we all have 2 votes each (only one of which can be given to our own entries). After we think we have enough entries, people can send their votes to me off-list and I'll collate the results and post them. We could use a forum voter but I think with chaos quick and dirty will be most apt.

So, let the entries flow!


Matthew eventually received 106 features from 56 people.
The winning feature (as voted on by those going to his website) was:
Takes damage from insults – David Dunham
Runners Up
Schrödinger's Chaos Creature - David Lloyd
Only Visible in Reflections - Jamie MacLaren
Appears closer to you than it actually is - Bruce Mason

Fabian Küchler wrote a critique of the submitted Chaos Features called "Amidst the Chaos", printed in Issue 2 of Rule One.

Below is the entire list of submitted Chaos Features: