David Millians

The people of Ignorance worship a riotous collection of depraved gods and demons. Their land is littered with huge, ancient monuments and statues, many bearing strange pictoglyphs. Prophets and upstarts have interpreted these markings throughout the ages, producing bizarre new practices and revealing strange divinities.

Common Magic

Many Ignorants use only Common Magic, for anything else has, over the ages, proven to be too powerful and dangerous.

Hsunchen Beast Cousins

Ignorants may or may not be closely related to the Kralori, and some are definitely descendants of Hsunchen tribes, but they remain as suspicious of the Beast Folk as their cousins to the south. They have acquired a number of useful charms by lineage or theft, but deny any connection to their Hsunchen neighbors.

Charms: Eat Anything, Elephant Strength, Find Fish, Find Fruit, Hide in Fog, Kick to Kill, Ripping Claws, Run Through Forest, Spot Prey, Stay Warm, Walk Over Snow

Little Mandarins

(by Mark Galeotti)

The Little Mandarins - ancient ancestors and local village totems - became widespread in Chern Durel when numerous Kralori fled north during the rule of Shang Hsa May-His-Name-Be-Cursed. Many natives have taken to this Common Magic.

Charms: Escape Foreman’s Attention, Frighten Bandit, Know Way Home, Light Fire Quickly, Move Quickly Through Mud, Pacifying Kowtow

Dang Lang

Dang Lang is the Little Mandarin of the Jankley Bore.

Charms: Hear Hoofbeats from Afar, Run Many Leagues, Smell Lost Lamb

Sticks & Stones, Ice & Bones

The few scholars that have stooped to examine such things at all have concluded that this motley collection of bauble and cant magic originated during the darkest eras of history, when the world began to freeze and die and demons ranged over the land. Some surely came from the trolls or perhaps in fighting against them.

Charms: Smell Danger, Smell Edible Substance, Smell Water

Spells: Curse Hoarder, Warm Me Up, Words Will Never Hurt Me

Stupid Gods!

(This is someone else’s text, taken from a Digest entry long ago. I have no record of the author’s identity, but it is his or hers.)

The name of this religion is more of an exclamation than a proper theological name, a phrase heard whenever things go wrong in a way inexplicable to the Ignorant.

Feats: Avoid Work, Disinherit Descendants, Not Know One's Place, Recite Gobbledigook, Shiver, Uncontrolled Emotion.

Charms: Annoy Parents, Believe Illusion, Shirk Duties, Survive Poor Health.

Spells: Crude and Rude, Enjoy Gluttony, Ignore Advice, Revel In Wealth, Ward Against Superstition.

Specialized Magic

Most Ignorants, like people everywhere, do not specialize in their magic, instead knowing just a few elements from this diverse and strange collection of magical traditions.

Not listed here but common in Chern Durel are the ways of the Wooyee shamans of the East. Ignorants are most likely to be part of the practices of Ancestor Worship and Hungry Ghost.

Black Sun

Basko, the Black Sun, came to Chern Durel out of the west, contrary to the normal motion of the sun. It led a vast horde of trolls, freshly sprung from the Darkness. As was often the case, the land was in great disorder, and the trolls easily came to power, calming the human populace with controlled blood sport and regular purges.

Many times the legions of the Blood Sun battled evil monstrosities and armies of demons, and every time they threw them back, but when the loyal forces of the Kralori emperor retreated to the north, they drove out the troll lords and placed limitations on their cults. Kralori mandarins remain in power, but the worshippers of the Black Sun continue in their time-honored practices.

Black Sun Priests dress in gaudy ceremonial robes, often including organs, flayed skins, or strings of rotting fish. For them, these symbolize their mastery of darkness and destruction. For outsiders, they typify the debased character of the cult.

Basko the Black Sun may or may not have connections with Kazkurtum of Dara Happa or Destix of the Lunars.

Entry Requirements: None.

Abilities: Intimidate Trollkin, Mythology of Black Sun, Member of [Temple], Speak Uz, Uz Cuisine, Uz Customs

Virtues: Calm, Foolish, Proud


 Darklight (Blast Chaos, Burn with Darkness, Enhance Darksense, See in the Dark)

Illusion (Blood Feast Specter, Confabulate Chaos, Enhance Loveliness, Enjoy Squalor)


 Shadow spirits (Command Trollkin 13 to 18, Elude Chaos 15 to 10W, Extinguish Light 10 to 20, Troll Ghost 15 to 5W, Veil of Shadows 10 to 10W)

Secret: Rise from Sleeping Death (A deceased character must succeed in an opposed roll of 10W3 and may then rise from the dead.)

Allied Spirits: Some Black Sun priests gain a special ally, one of the 2,000 Maniacs, the ghosts of the trolls killed fighting the invading Dragon Lords.

Holy Days: Followers of the Black Sun celebrate their god on the first day of every week. Their high holy day is Deep Darkness Day (5/7/1).

Other Side: The Black Palace lies within the Burning Hells.

Other Connections: Followers of the Black Sun are often leaders among the commoners of Chern Durel.

Disadvantages: Outsiders view this cult with contempt at best.

Blood Sun

Zerel Fan, the Blood Sun is an elder deity of Ignorance, a god of blood and gladiators. His ancient prophet was Jorazzi Redhand, who rose to renew his god and his people through instituting systematic human sacrifice. He took powerful magic from the weak forest people and used it to grow the corn that still feeds the people of Ignorance. The sanguine culture of the Blood Sun fell when Death came and withered it.

The leading priests of the Blood Sun are male and female pairs, preferably siblings, especially twins. In ancient days, the Wizards of Gore ruled Chern Durel, but now they oversee the fertility ceremonies of the cornfields with blood sacrifices and incestuous fertility rites.

Entry Requirements: Bloodthirsty 13

Abilities: Corn Lore, Farm Corn, Knife Fighting, Mythology of the Blood Sun, Member of [Temple], Sacrifice Human

Virtues: Bloodthirsty, Hardworking, Love Corn


Blood Feast (Blood Feast Specter, Feed Trolls)

Blood Rain (Bless Corn Field, Spread Disease, Spread Fertility)

Blood Red (Bless Incestuous Pregnancy with Twins, False Healing)

Secret: Heroform Blood Sun (The character transforms into a gigantic, shining, bloody boar-scorpion with the traits of Armor of the Blood Sun 10W2, Bleed Acid 10W2, Desiccate 10W2, Sting of Death 10W2)

Holy Days: Blood Corn Day (1/4/2)

Other Side: The Corn Fields of the Blood Sun lie in the Hinter Hells.

Other Connections: Priests of the Blood Sun guarantee the livelihood of countless farmers in Ignorance, so they are feared and honored by many.

Disadvantages: The government of Kralorela destroys this cult whenever it appears in the provinces of the empire. The mandarins have trapped this god in Jankley Bore, and its adherents hope to free it.

Bodkartu, the Terrible Woman

Bodkartu is the fearsome sister of beloved Halisayan, so the sister-in-law of Emperor Thalurzni. When the emperor married his loyal wife, Bodkartu also joined his household, though she remained in her sister’s shadow, out of sight. No one ever speaks of what happened to her, but she has always been wronged and vengeful. She nurses her anger and mysteries in the darkness, and when a target for her wrath becomes apparent, she strikes without remorse. Many times she saved preserved the dignity of her kinswoman and family, often at great sacrifice for herself.

Bodkartu is the goddess of secrets and forbidden lore, especially women’s lore. She answers the prayers of oppressed women with disease, poison, strangulation, and mysterious disappearances. Only six official, legal temples exist in Kralorela, but any woman may enter them, beg their intervention for some misdeed suffered, and know that her prayers will be answered. Small cells of her followers hide in most communities of any size, and they have been known to take matters into their own hands.

During the reign of ShangHsa May-His-Name-Be-Cursed, followers of Bodkartu, sanctioned and not, spearheaded much of the covert action against the False Dragon Ring. Emperor Godunya acknowledged their invaluable contribution but wisely maintained the ancient conditions upon their activity. They are said to guard some of his most secret plans and mysteries.

Mystically, Bodkartu is the guardian of secrets, and the wise often implore her mercy before their deepest meditations.

Entry Requirements: Be a wronged woman or a female guardian of secrets.

Abilities: Brew Poisons, Garrote, Initiate of Bodkartu, Mythology of Bodkartu, Member of [Coven], Strangulation

Virtues: Remorseless, Secretive, Self-Sacrificing


Curse (Curse Bowels, Curse of Fever, Curse of Impotence, Curse of Sores, Curse of Weakness)

Revenge (Extend Suffering, Find Oppressor, Sense Wronged Woman, Strike Fear Into the Hearts of Men)

Secret (Hide from Authority, Ward Place)

Secret: Hidden Secret of Bodkartu (Success against a challenge of 10W3 hides a secret forever; it is unknowable unless someone chooses to heroquest into Bodkartu’s Realm itself.)

Holy Days: Women’s Night (1/7/7) follows a day of role-reversals and feasting. Men know that their women judge them at this time, and few are willing to walk about on such nights.

Other Side: The Well of Darkness is said to contain Bodkartu’s lair, but no one is known to have returned from this place.

Other Connections: Other than those few in the official temples, Bodkartu cultists are loathe to reveal themselves as what they are, but they often have connections throughout their area. A few are involved with the highest levels of government and the greatest secrets.

Disadvantages: Men fear them, and officials destroy illegal cells and their members whenever they find them.

Opinions differ on the origin of the Gang of Four. Most Kralori assume they are ancient demons cast out by the righteous emperor. A few, though, speculate that they were servants or allies of Daruda banished by Thalurzni on his ascension to the throne. Others wonder if they were creations, failed or otherwise, of Thalurzni.

Earth Eater

One of the Gang of Four, Earth Eater was banished by Emperor Thalurzni for his sinful nature. Earth Eater is an angry, demanding god, expecting meals of blood, including human sacrifice. He stands by his worshippers, however, supplying them with daughters and sons that protect them and give them sustenance in their harsh land. He slowly grinds down the will of invaders and can consume those that defy him. He is popular among both humans and trolls in Ignorance. In fact, many Ignorants and Kralori assume he is a troll deity.

Entry Requirements: Sacrifice seven drops of own blood onto the earth of Ignorance.

Abilities: Farm Ignorance, Herd Beasts of Ignorance, Mythology of Earth Eater, Member of [Temple], Soul Vision

Virtues: Angry, Greedy, Hungry


  Decay (Crumble Stone, Curse Friendship, Fade Color, Reduce to Dust, Sap Strength, Weaken Womb, Wilt Plant)

Devourer (Create Sinkhole, Eat Anything, Open Chasm)

Earth (Appease Corn God ritual, Dominate Beast, Plow Stony Ground, Strength of the Ox, Work Hard)

Secret: Bloody Earth (This ritual involves a sacrifice of people equal to the trait’s rating. Success grants an appropriate augment based on the trait.)

Holy Days: Ignorants celebrate this god on the same days as the major Kralori annual and agricultural festivals, though in twisted, parodied form.

Other Side: Earth Eater inhabits the Bloody Hall, which his followers believe to lie deep in the ground. The Kralori know this to be one their many hells.

Other Connections: Earth Eater is an important deity in Ignorance, and his temples receive support from its thousands of farmers and herdsmen.

Disadvantages: This cult is illegal within the empire, and invading Kralori troops destroy its temples when they encounter them.

The Majestic Spirits of the North  

Numerous Hsunchen tribes dwell across Ignorance, including Barred Seal, Cloud Leopard, Combed Sheep, Deer, Eagle, Four Tusk Elephant, Spurred Deer, Tiger, Wild Pig, and Yak. The Kralori consider them Ignorants, but their local human neighbors despise them and treat them poorly when they can. A little commerce does occur, but as a general rule, the Hsunchen of the north avoid others, even their own kind, whenever possible.

Okerio Allgiver & Ebe Wild Man  

Okerio was the Wife given to Ebe by Mercy of Dragon. Aptanace the Sage and his descendants, the True Humans, came from their association. Ebe was the First Human. He related with many Lives for his Loneliness until he was given his Wife, and he made many other races, such as the Dozaki (Trolls) and Babadi (Dwarfs). Ignorants sometimes say that they are the bastard children of Ebe and that Okerio is a slut who has nothing to do with them. Despite this a few know some of their magics.

 Feats: Enjoy Life, Get Angry, Sing Raucous Song, Vigor.

Charms: Endure Hunger, Inspire Pity.

Spells: Bless Beer, Make Rice Wine, Tame Wild Man, Vigorous Mating.

Secret Waters

One of the Gang of Four, Secret Waters was banished by Emperor Thalurzni for her sinful nature. Secret Waters is dangerous, seductive, and mysterious, and she can take many forms, including that of a man. She demands regular sacrifices of blood to be poured onto her waters, and many rivers and lakes in Ignorance bear her taint. She torments her enemies and guards her worshippers. She is especially popular among the women of Ignorance.

Entry Requirements: Sacrifice seven drops of own blood onto the waters of Ignorance

Abilities: Boating, Fishing, Mythology of Secret Waters, Member of [Temple], Seduce, Soul Vision

Virtues: Mysterious, Scary, Wanton


Fear (Call Ghost from Water, Extend Suffering, Frighten Other)

Secret (Camouflage Intent, Hiding Place, Obscure Place, Verbal Cipher)

Water (Drown, Make Waves, Poison Water)

Secret: Madness (Success with this ability curses the mind of the target. This trait overcomes many of Secret Water’s priestesses, leading them to drown themselves.)

Holy Days: Secret Waters’ holidays are the same as those of the Blue Dragon of the Deep.

Other Side: Secret Water dwells in the Shadowed Pool into which her followers dive to seek her magic. All others approach her at their peril.

Other Connections: Secret Waters is popular with fishing folk and women in Ignorance.

Disadvantages: This cult is illegal within the empire, and invading Kralori troops destroy its temples when they encounter them. Also, Thrunhin Da is hostile to this cult and has always sunk its followers that venture too far from their home shores.

Shadow Cancer

One of the Gang of Four, Shadow Cancer was banished by Emperor Thalurzni for her sinful nature. Even Ignorants fear her power, for unleashed, she brings anguish to them and their enemies alike. Her temples are rare and small, mostly receiving only propitiary offerings. A few Ignorants seeking a short cut turn to her for her special powers. Many Ignorants and Kralori assume she is a troll deity.

Entry Requirements: Mark of Shadow Cancer

Abilities: Mythology of Shadow Cancer, Member of [Temple], See Weak Spots, Soul Vision

Virtues: Creative, Hungry, Quiet


Growth (Speed Growth, Sprout Extra Body Part, Stunt Growth)

Hunger (Blight Plants, Drive Away Beasts, Foul Food)

Shadow (Call Gloom, Command Shadow Demon, Safety in Obscurity)

Secret: Spread Destruction ritual (This ceremony curses an entire area, usually a village or section of farmland. Some parts of Ignorance have centuries-old such blights, and some say they slowly spread.)

Holy Days: This cult’s special days vary and are known only to the leading priests in local temples.

Other Side: Shadow Cancer inhabits the Looming Hell, thought its followers say a little bit of it lives inside everyone and everything.

Other Connections: Shadow Cancer is respected and feared throughout Ignorance.

Disadvantages: This cult is illegal within the empire, and invading Kralori troops destroy its temples when they encounter them.

Star Permutator

One of the Gang of Four, Star Permutator was banished by Emperor Thalurzni for his sinful nature. This enigmatic sky deity is mysterious even to the Ignorant. Cultists claim that he is the original sky god, the original god, in fact. Scholars see him as little more than a pernicious demon that tears and inhabits rents in the firmament. His shrines are rare, usually on hilltops or deep underground. The God Learners categorized Star Permutator as a chaos god.

Entry Requirements: Sacrifice of an intelligent being under starlight.

Abilities: Mythology of Star Permutator, Member of [Temple], Soul Vision, Void Contemplation

Virtues: Secretive, Variable, Watchful


Change (Alter [Substance], Displace Personality, Induce Mutation, Refine [Substance])

Stars (Call Down Star Daimon, See by Starlight, Star Light, Star Songs)

Void (Dissolve Target, Drain Energy, Reveal Emptiness)

Secret: Open Void Gate (This ritual allows a void priest to create a portal into the unknown realm beyond the world. Used primarily in ceremonies, it increases their potency.)

Holy Days: This cult’s special days vary and are known only to the leading priests in local temples.

Other Side: Star Permutator dwells in the Void Palace beyond the edge of the sky.

Other Connections: Star Permutator is respected and feared throughout Ignorance.

Disadvantages: This cult is illegal within the empire, and invading Kralori troops destroy its temples when they encounter them.

The Way of the Mystic Sun

The original prophet of Ignorance, whose name is now lost, was cursed with foresight and described his vision of woe in great speeches, mostly in unknown languages. His followers built huge, stone monuments and documented his visions of the worlds to come. These monoliths and ruins still litter the landscape of Ignorance. Some have been dragged away for other purposes, while others serve as homes, stables, and storage bins.

Later, or perhaps in another telling of the same story, the prophet Shadow of the Storm came after the defeat of the Solar Storm and predicted the appearance of the “Suns to Come.” The people chose ignorance and fell into a malaise. The sun mystics claim that they can still bring enlightenment to the land and its people, if they will listen, but they usually receive only scorn and are left to their eremitic habits and strange ritual in the wilderness.

The teachings of this cult contain a few simple magics, but they are best known for their impressive ability to shift the form of the sun. True mystics avoid these practices, other than shifting the sun as part of millennia-long rites, but many followers of this way become little more than village magicians.

The way of the Mystic Sun teaches a cycle of solar forms and deities. These cycles exist on many levels literal and spiritual, daily and cosmic. Mystics differ in their insights and conclusions based on their masters and on their readings of the carvings all across their lands. The resulting jumble of interpretations and statements explains much about the people’s lack of interest in their teachings (Some scholars see parallels with Dara Happan and Lunar theology, something Solar theologians completely reject). Kralori mystics say the sun mystics are completely deluded.

A commonly espoused solar system includes the following cycle.

 The Early Light – Self-creating progenitor for all creation, it engenders creativity and insight. Its true name is thought to be lost, making it inaccessible except for the most enlightened.

 The Rising Orb – Ever-ascendant, it transports the cosmos to the heights of it potential. It is as much process as deity or form.

 The Victorious Zenith – Always lofty, it allows a mystic to see across and experience all creation. Some mystics refer to this entity by the name Metsyla.

 The Solar Storm – Said to be the child of Victorious Zenith (described by some as Shavaya), it enjoyed enlightened from the teachings of the Great Mystic,6 who opened its third eye. This facet of the sun represents the turbulence of mystic experience within a confused world.

 The Blood Sun – Incorporating all that is painful in the mystic experience, it liberates mystics through searing visions.

 The Black Sun – Dark and introspective, the sun of night offers madness and enlightenment, renewing the cycle of the suns.

Entry Requirements: Mystic abstentions of various kinds

Abilities: Go Without Food and Water, Interpret Stone Scripts of Ignorance, Way of the Mystic Sun

Virtues: Ascetic, Aloof, Contemplative

Feats: Engrave Stone, Resist Cold

Spells: Scourge the Unwise, Sense Ignorant Engraving

Spirits: Night, Sun

Fetishes & Talismans: These vary widely, but tattoos are most common. All limit a mystic’s path to enlightenment.

Secret: Solar Evolution (The mystic can shift the phase of the sun by one or more stages. The degree of success determines the degree and range of the effect. Some mystics speak of the day they will be able to do this for the whole world.)

Secret Requirements: Interpret Stone Scripts of Ignorance, Way of the Mystic Sun, and any one Virtue at 1W2 each

Other Side: There is no other side.

Other Connections: A few mystics hold positions of esteem, but most live in the wilderness or scrape a living with their meager magic in the towns of Ignorance.

Disadvantages: This cult is highly illegal within the empire, and invading Kralori troops slay its practitioners when they discover them.