Fall, 2012

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This issue has another boardgame by Keith Nellist - The Nights of Horror, based on the Dragon Pass boardgame; the second part of Gianni Vacca's Timinits and Trolls rules mofifications for Tunnels and Trolls; Richard Crawley returns with a look at skirmish wargaming with the Song of Blades and Heroes ruleset; Chris Bell gives us a RuneQuest 6 version of the 7 Mother's Cult; Jane Williams delights us with a story about the Three Little Sundomers and the Big, Bad Orlanthi, and finally Andrew larsen gives us an adventure set in a Praxian oasis - the Belly of the Beast, with lots of Brooish goodness. And, for the first time, I have no article in the issue!

Song of Blades and Heroes in Glorantha   Richard Crawley

Timinits and Trolls   Gianni Vacca

Nights Of Horror   Keith Nellist

The Three Little Sundomers   Jane Williams

The Cult of the Seven Mothers   Chris Bell

The Belly Of The Beast   Andrew Larsen

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Nights of Horrors game and map

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