David Millians

Choon Hsing and his minions wander the cosmos causing good people, especially young men and women, to lose themselves in lust and immoral fornication.

Entry Requirements: Lusty 13

Abilities: Choon Hsing Practice Knowledge, Flirt, Member of [Temple], Mythology of Choon Hsing, Open Spirit World, Sexual Practices Lore, Soul Vision, Spirit Face

Virtues: Lusty


Lust (Arouse Lust, Formicate for Hours, Satisfy Self)


Lust spirit (Arousal 18, Distraction 15, Look Good 15)

Fetishes: Suggestive medallions, explicit tattoos, and tokens of intimate body parts are all common.

Spirit Ally: A few followers gain the pleasure of a spirit ally.

Secret: Ruin Other (Success in this ability gives the target a flaw that sends him into a downward spiral of debauchery. Failure gives the cultists such a flaw, but they don’t usually care.)

Secret Requirements: Lusty and two magical abilities of 1W2 each.

Holy Days: These vary.

Other Side: Choon Hsing’s Palace of Debauchery is the source of his crude magic and techniques.

Other Connections: Many brothels and individual perverts maintain secret shrines to Choon Hsing, not understanding the evil that flirts with them.

Disadvantages: The authorities destroy cultists upon finding them.