Welcome to the premier issue of Rule One

What is Rule One?

Rule One is an independent magazine for playing games in Glorantha. it doesn't matter what ruleset, what type of game, if it's about playing, and about Glorantha, it has a home here. Adventures for Roleplaying, Scenarios for Miniatures, starting conditions for board games, a new Card Game, I'll publish it all.

In this issue, we offer an Orlanthi myth about the cunning of Jagkregriand (Shargash). We highlight Secrets of the GreyDog Clan from David Hall, Demi-God of Issaries. In addition we have an explorations of the Lunar Province of Aggar by David Millians, a Duck adventure by Roderick Robertson with assistance from John Hughes, the myth of Duckboards by John Hughes, and an explanation of the "Generic Systemless Stats" system used in These Ducks Need Help.

How Jagkregriand Chose His Army Greg Stafford

How the Greydog Clan Got Their Name David Hall

Greydog Holy Days David Hall

Dogs of War David Hall

Greydog Wyter David Hall

Roving Sword David Hall

The Lunar Province of Aggar David Millians

Aggari Lesser Magics David Millians

Duckboards John Hughes

These Ducks Need Help Roderick Robertson with John Hughes

Generic Systemless Stats Roderick Robertson

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