Winter, 2011

In this Issue

We start with a look at the various types of boats and ships that sail Kralorela's waterways and coasts. Jane Williams gives us an adventure for Burns Night (Jan 25) - the hunting of the terrifying Marsh Haggis. David Millians gives an overview of the chaos found in Kralorela, and Keith Nellist gives us his third Britannia-styled game, the History of Fronela. Finally, Roderick Robertson gives two tools: a Lunar-Theyalan Calendar Converter, and the first (of many, I hope) paper terrain models - the Orlanthi round hut.

Ships and Boats of Kralorela   David Millians  

Hunting the Marsh Haggis   Jane Williams  

Chaos in Kralorela   David Millians  

Lunar-Theyalan Calendar Converter   Roderick Robertson  

History of Fronela game   Keith Nellist  

Paper Huts for Orlanthi   Roderick Robertson  

Download Issue 7 (36 pages color/37 pages B&W)
Orlanthi paper huts file (7.67 Mb)
Fronela Game with Rules, Map & Counters (1.23 Mb)
Calendar Converter in Excel format (3.04 Kb)

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